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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds Everybody should get involved in making their voice heard and all get involved in voting or being present when decisions are being made, because ultimately these decisions are affecting you and affecting your life and how you navigate your way through this very complicated and complex life already. So it’s important that when we’re in a position where we can vote on a particular thing, whether that’s a vote for somebody to be elected, whether that is getting involved in public consultations for things that affect your community, or whether it’s actually expressing concern about particular thing that a company or government or an institution is doing to infringe your rights or the rights of somebody else.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 seconds It’s incredibly important because if we didn’t have those voices, then nothing would change and we’d constantly be stuck in a world that we didn’t love and that was hard for us or hard for other people. - I think it’s really important that people feel they can take part in the democratic process and making decisions about how we all live our lives in society. And I think when people are denied access to democratic participation, when they’re denied access to education then everybody suffers as a result because we make worse decisions. We aren’t properly representing people in society.

Skip to 1 minute and 33 seconds They are, therefore, likely to feel disengaged and they are not going to be as respectful of other people in this society because they don’t feel respected themselves. - It’s giving the power to citizen to stop only a single person to be like monopolizing the world. To be the only one to taking decision or to saying the last say. So it’s like giving the power to the community, to the people first, instead of one person deciding to telling people what to do.

Why is it important that everyone can take part in making decisions in society?

Everyone has a say when decisions that affect their lives are being made. Find out why it is important to be actively involved in this process.


Is your society inclusive?

Why is it important/not important to you that everyone can take part in the process of making decisions in society?

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