Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsWhere to from here? You've learned how to draw free-body diagrams, the single most important part of engineering mechanics. It's how we revealed forces. Forces are mysterious. We can't see them, but they dominate an engineer's worldview. Gravity must be defied, pressure must be contained, and acceleration must be produced. And you've learnt to characterize forces as vectors, which means that in our parallel mathematical world, they have specific characteristics. You can split forces into components. You can add them using the parallelogram rule. They respond to trigonometry. And when you carried out the design task, you learnt that managing forces brings responsibility. Lives can be at stake. These are all part of engineer's eyes.

Skip to 1 minute and 9 secondsBut, there are simple configurations that you can't analyze with this basic knowledge. You need to know about twisting effect, and that's the topic for week 3.

Through Engineers' Eyes

You are on your way towards gaining Engineers’ Eyes.

This short video explains what you have encountered and what is to come.

Talking points

  • How are you getting on with the course so far?
  • Do you see how the three phases - experiment, analysis and design – combine to help you develop engineers’ eyes?

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