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What you have learned so far

This week you have learned that:

  • Not all the words in the English language are recorded in dictionaries

  • New words (and new meanings for old words) come into the language all the time

  • Many words also fall out of use

  • Dictionary makers have criteria to help them to decide what words to include in their dictionaries

  • Dictionary makers use corpora and teams of readers to help them discover new words, and new meanings for old words

  • Dictionaries for different types of user include different types of word

You have also learned how to:

  • Submit new words and meanings to the Macmillan Open Dictionary and Wiktionary

Your task

Time to reflect on your learning so far.

Share your thoughts of any learning that has helped you to further develop your understanding of the knowledge within dictionaries.

Did you learn anything new or different that you would like to explore more outside of your learning within this course?

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