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Children's Hearings System: statistics

The Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration publish annual figures which outline the number and type of referrals each year along with decisions and outcomes.

Their latest figures, published in August 2013, cover the period 1 April 2013 - 31 March 2014.

The statistics show that in 2013/14, 19,077 children and young people in Scotland were referred to the Reporter:

  • 17,476 on non-offence (care and protection) grounds
  • 2,764 on offence grounds

The figure of 19,077 represents 2.1% of all children and young people in Scotland. Within this, 1.9% of all children and young people were referred on care and protection grounds and 0.6% of all children and young people aged between eight and 16 years were referred on offence grounds.

There was a proportional increase in the numbers of very young children referred to the Reporter. In 2013/14, 14.5% of all children and young people referred were aged under two. 2013/14 also saw a continuation in the high numbers of children and young people with Child Protection Orders (CPOs) received, with 734 having CPOs in the year. Child Protection Orders are put in place to protect a child from actual or likely significant harm.

In the additional resources below you will find a link to a page from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration where a full breakdown and analysis of the official statistics for year 2014/14 can be accessed.

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