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Review of the week

Well done for completing the first week of this course.

We hope that you have found the week helpful and taken part in the conversations during the week.

If you haven’t had time to practise all of the tasks, then take a moment to look back and select which you think will benefit you and give them a go. Practising different parts of your delivery will help you to gain confidence and improve your skills.

Next week we will be looking at some more important aspects of delivering an effective presentation along with giving you the opportunity to deliver your own short presentation.

Time to reflect

As you have come to the end of the the week, it is useful to reflect on what you have learnt.

What was good or useful this week in expanding your understanding of how to deliver presentations?

What questions arose for you?

What are you taking away from this week that you can incorporate into your presentation?

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What Makes an Effective Presentation?

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