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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds In this video we will be giving you some top tips on how to film your mini presentation. One, firstly for this presentation it is important that you are able to express yourself through body language. So, step back from the camera and make sure you’re upper body is in frame. Two, although filming with your laptop webcam can be effective, think about other cameras you may have and could use. Even using your phone could prove successful if you prop it up securely or get a friend to help. Three, make sure you find a quiet location to film in. Close windows to block out loud noises. This will help to make the audio clearer in your video presentation.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 seconds Four, also think about what will be in your video. For digital business presentation you may want to avoid clutter in the background. You may want to bring in some props to help emphasise points you make in your presentation. Consider your appearance. In a professional presentation you would be expected to dress accordingly. Five, finally practise your presentation on camera multiple times. You may find that by reviewing your video presentation you will find ways that you can improve your presentation skills. I hope these five top tips help you when recording your video presentation. Good luck.

Advice on recording your video

Watch the video with some good advice on how you should approach recording your mini-presentation.

In it John Patrick, your digital media producer for this course, describes five important things to consider:

  • Step back from the camera and make sure that your upper body is in frame

  • Think about the camera that you could use – a mobile device is perfectly acceptable for this task

  • Find a quiet location to film in

  • Consider what will be in your video

  • Practise your presentation

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