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This content is taken from the UEA (University of East Anglia)'s online course, Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19. Join the course to learn more.
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Course structure and conduct

We encourage you to take this course as you see fit and at your own pace, whatever makes you most comfortable.

In the first week we look at anxiety itself. In the second week we cover practical solutions to help support young people. Below are the topics we’ll be covering.

Course structure

Below are the topics that will be covered in each week of the course so that you can jump to the areas that interest you the most.

Week one topics:

  • Course introduction
  • What is normal anxiety?
  • Anxiety disorders
  • End of week summary

Week 2 topics:

  • Supporting a child with anxiety in response to COVID-19
  • Tackling worrying thoughts
  • Having a conversation with your child about COVID-19
  • Parenting during isolation from COVID
  • Mindfulness
  • Resources and summary

Being respectful of others

Please be considerate when engaging in group discussions and in responding to other people’s posts. This doesn’t mean that you can’t disagree or present your own view, we just ask that you do so respectfully.

As we’ll be covering some sensitive and emotive subjects in this course, we wanted to remind you of the code of conduct that you agreed to when joining FutureLearn and ask that you behave with respect and kindness to fellow learners and educators.

Also, be mindful that this course is available to a public audience so only disclose information that you are comfortable sharing with others.

Take care not to share personally identifiable information that could put yourself or others at risk.

Thank you.

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Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19

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