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New offer! Get 30% off one whole year of Unlimited learning. Subscribe for just £249.99 £174.99. New subscribers only. T&Cs apply

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Free Access for Women in Afghanistan Offer

1 FutureLearn offer for free Unlimited and ExpertTrack access for Women In Afghanistan

1.1 This offer permits Eligible Learners free access to FutureLearn’s Unlimited Annual, Monthly and ExpertTrack subscriptions for the duration of the Offer Period (the “Offer”).

1.2 This Offer applies only to short courses accessed through Unlimited Annual and Monthly or ExpertTrack subscription services. Paid upfront courses (including Microcredentials), Program assessments, and Degrees are not included in this Offer.

1.3 “Eligible Learners” mean those registered users of the FutureLearn Website who are physically located in Afghanistan at the point of purchase and are a woman. You will not be able to access the offer if you are outside the country at the point of purchase. If you do not already have an account with FutureLearn, you must register for an account. 

1.4 The “Offer Period” means [11/01/2023] until FutureLearn determines that the Offer shall expire by providing Eligible Learners 1 week’s written notice.  FutureLearn reserves the right to end the Offer at any time and reserves the right to refuse access to any of its products for any reason at any time. 

1.5 You agree that, in taking part in the Offer, that you are able to enter into a binding contract with FutureLearn; you shall comply with these terms and conditions, all applicable laws, and our policies (including our Code of Conduct) and you are over the age of 16 years. 

1.6 If the Offer is removed at any time, the Eligible Learners will retain access to the relevant subscription service until the end of its current billing cycle. 

1.7 The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

1.8 The Offer applies to new subscribers only. Previous or currently active Unlimited Annual, Monthly or ExpertTrack Subscribers will not be eligible. It will not be possible to switch from an Annual to Monthly Unlimited subscription.

1.9 All other products, including Individual course upgrades, Degrees, Microcredentials and premium courses will still be charged at the normal rate. 

1.10 After the end of the Offer Period, if you wish to continue your subscription, you will be charged the full price of whatever product you are subscribed to as set out in FutureLearn’s terms and conditions. You can cancel your subscription at any time subject to the cancellation policy.

1.11 Printed certificates will not be available for courses .

1.12 FutureLearn’s terms and conditions ( and privacy policy apply. Breach of the FutureLearn Terms or the Code of Conduct may result in your access to all or part of the FutureLearn services being suspended, disabled, or terminated.