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This is Future Learning

Find out how our This is Future Learning campaign aims to transform access to education and empower learners to change the world. We take a closer look at our new branding and the reasoning behind it.

This is Future Learning

We’ve finally said goodbye to 2020, a year that was unlike any other. At a time when the world seemed like it had been put on pause, we all felt the impacts and upheaval that came with the pandemic. Yet with this disruption came new opportunities. Education continued to move online, giving students and educators new ways of learning. 

Despite the hardships we’ve faced, the efforts of our FutureLearners in 2020 have inspired us and given us a fresh new approach. As we welcome 2021 with more hope and optimism, we’re confident that our FutureLearners will continue to rise to the challenge of the year ahead. With that in mind, we take a closer look at our new brand campaign and what it means for you. This is Future Learning. 

Education can change the world 

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Over the last year, we’ve seen how true this statement is. The incredible efforts to understand and face down the virus are a testament to the power of learning. What’s more, despite these difficult times, we’ve also seen innovative approaches by educators and students to ensure that such learning continues. 

Education can have a huge impact on an individual and the wider world. After all, what we learn today can change the future. This belief is at the heart of our This is Future Learning brand campaign; we know that the powerful tool of education should be accessible and empowering for everyone. We are all FutureLearners, capable of making positive changes in the world. 

A year like no other

You may have already seen our new brand video, included below. As part of our This is Future Learning campaign, we’re bringing access to education to our global audience. With learning opportunities from some of the top educators in the world, you have the chance to establish your independence through the power of knowledge. 

FutureLearn’s Director of Brand, Liz Le Breton, explains some of the thinking behind the branding: 

“Every single person has been affected by 2020; a year that’s challenged everything. Our mission at FutureLearn is to transform access to education in order to build a better future; so it felt like the right time to elevate our brand message, to remind learners that the power to change the world is in their hands. We’re here to help them achieve the personal, professional and societal change they want to see in the world.”

Chart your own path 

At FutureLearn, we’re bringing education on demand to people around the world. No matter your goals, career ambitions, or fields of interest, we have opportunities for you to learn, upskill, and discover your passions. 

We’re helping our learners to access new opportunities with our vast and diverse range of courses, microcredentials, and new ExpertTracks. You can choose from a world-leading selection of opportunities that can help you learn on your terms and invest in your future. 

We’re bringing this world-changing power to our learners, new and existing. Whether you’re standing up for freedoms, answering the climate emergency, or simply taking the first step towards building a better tomorrow, we want you to play a part in our future. 

So, no matter where in the world you are or what your ambitions may be, we’re here for you. Change starts within, and 2021 is your time to learn something new

This is Future Learning 

Part of our commitment to Future Learning is to give our learners the tools they need to change the world. As well as our broad selection of courses and resources, we also recently launched our new ExpertTracks subscriptions. These series of courses can help you master new skills in specialist and emerging areas, including subjects as diverse as AI design, blended learning and digital marketing.  

ExpertTracks give you the flexibility and freedom to learn on-demand and explore the areas that truly matter to you, as well as those around you. 

2020 taught us the importance of knowledge, both individually and collectively, to overcome difficult situations and continue to make progress. We’re committed to giving you, our learners around the world, the power to make a difference. Join us today and start being the change you want to see. This is Future Learning.  

So what does Future Learning mean to you? And what are your learning goals for 2021? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ambitions for the year ahead. Send us an e-mail at or reach out on Twitter or Facebook. #ThisIsFutureLearning

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