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Course acknowledgements

Acknowledgements for the course.

Many thanks from the course team!

Lead Educators: Andrea Rigon, Joseph Macarthy

Course initiation and content design: Andrea Rigon, Joseph Macarthy, Alexander Stone, Joanna Stroud

Course production: Andrea Rigon, Alexander Stone, Joanna Stroud

Distance learning expert: Joanna Stroud

Editing/testing support: Stephanie Butcher

Steering committee: Prof Adriana Allen, Prof Caren Levy, Prof Nancy Odendaal, Dr Colin Marx, Dr Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Prof Camillo Boano

Many people have been involved in the development of this course and we would like to thank them for their hard work and valuable contributions.


Prof Vanessa Watson, School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics at the University of Cape Town. Global South Editor of Urban Studies.

Dr Blessing Mberu, Senior Research Scientist and Head of Urbanization and Wellbeing, African Population and Health Research Center, Nairobi.

Prof Colin McFarlane, Department of Geography, University of Durham

Prof Adriana Allen, Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London.

Dr Jonathan Silver, Urban Institute, University of Sheffield

Mr Julian Walker, Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London.

Dr Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London.

Dr Colin Marx, Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London.

Mr Yirah Conteh, Chair of the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor of Sierra Leone.

Mr Braima Koroma, Institute of Geography and Development Studies and co-director of Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre, Njala University.

Dr Alphajor Cham, Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Government of Sierra Leone.

Mr John Vandy Rogers, Director, Department of Disaster Management, Government of Sierra Leone.

Dr Victor Tamba Simbay Kabba, Director, Institute of Geography and Development Studies, Njala University.

Ms Austina Sellu, Researcher, Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre.

Mr Horatio Max Govie, City Engineer, Freetown City Council.

Mr Francis Reffell, Slums Project Manager, YMCA Sierra Leone.

Mr Abdul Marah, Development Planning Officer, Freetown City Council.

Mr Daniel Bob Jones, Chair of Disaster Risk Reduction Committee in CKG community.

Mr Lahai Foday Koroma, Chair of the advocacy group of the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor in Cockle Bay community.

Mr Abu M Sesay, Chair of the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor in Cockle Bay.

Mr Musa Mulari, member of Cockle Bay community.

Mr Gibril K Bangura, Chair of Disaster Risk Reduction committee in Colbot community.

Ms Margaret Bayoh, member of the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor and member of the Agape savings group in Dwarzack community.

Mr Samuel Cox Koroma, Vice Chair of Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor in Kroo Bay community.

Mr Abdulai Kanu, resident of Portee Rokupa community.

Mr Adi Kargbo, acting Chair of the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor in Susan’s Bay community.

Mr Sorie M Kanu, member of the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor member in Susan’s Bay community.

We would also like to thank the 2018 ESD groups for allowing us to use their photography and video content:

CKG: Shattyk Tastemirova, Alejandra Bernal Guzman, Carolina Campos, Khalid Abdullah Ali Tebe, Windi Adriani, Lucian Lawrence Smith, Yaakoub Youssef El Hage El Gaf

Cockle Bay: Yan Chen, Peter Korsi Simpson, Paul Korsi Simpson, Son Nam Vo, Matilda Rui Shan Leong, Rachel Lin, Crystal Tang, Ha Yeon Kim

Dwarzack: Jorge Beltran Roman Rodriguez; Nannette Jessie Balfour-Lynn, Philemon Rene Raphael Poux, Elliot Aguirre, Mahek Dinesh Mehra, Andrea Taylor Wyers, Sophie Bordat, Martica Wakeman Otto

Moyiba: Amy Willox, Emily Anno Peterson, Jovanna Naquisha Salick, Caroline Adele Williams, Dominique Rimoch, David Cortez Martinez, Maria Del Mar Rojas Posada, Tom Norton

Portee-Rokupa: Christa Gabrielle Warwick, Osman Kocini, Alan Lee, Alice Campo, Jiahui Wang, Nadine Gurer, Asra Asad Sumbal, Deyu Yang

Susan’s Bay: Elifnaz Aslander, Leanro Zhang, Lea Melina Pauline Lacroix, Ilias Nastoulas, Georgina Triantafillides, Cai Anwyl Williams, Marco Di Marino, Ana Maria Rodriguez

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