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Week 1 Summary

This end of the first week, we hope that it's helpful.
Hello everybody and congratulations for finishing Week No.1. I hope you enjoyed this first week. I just kind of review what we worked on this week. We gave introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Then we talked about the tools used to create the tools, that is the software programming language. We talked about Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, R, Rapidminer Tableau, and then we gave a brief introduction to the colab environment by Google and the Jupyter Notenbook environment, and the GitHub environments. Then we really drill down on data mining in the law, the focusing on information extraction from text, from databases.
Then we drill down on this machine learning life cycle, that is the data collection, data preparation, model development, model evaluation, post processing, and model deployment. And emphasizing that the process is iterative, meaning that it’s rarely the case when a model is deployed that it would be absolutely perfect in the real world, so we need to learn from the deployment go back and start from the beginning making changes appropriate from what we learned out in the real world. Then we talked about classifying, identifying themes in data, topic modelling, really focusing on the who what when where why how how much in data, then we wrapped up with a conversation of eDiscovery, eDisclosure compliance, and due diligence.
So I hope you enjoyed week No.1. I look forward to working with you during week No.2. I look forward to working with you during week No.2. Thanks everybody and take care

Congratulations everyone, we finished our first week! We hope you enjoyed what we’ve learned and hope that these topics are helpful to you.

In the next week, we’ll talk about natural language process. See you!

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