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Progression: Connection & Impact

What is Progression?

The Art of Knowing Your Community: Connection & Impact

What is Progression?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the noun “PROGRESSION” as: “the act of changing to the next stage of development the process of changing or developing towards an improved situation or state.” It is also used as a term in music theory meaning a sequence of chords in any piece of music.

Here is the Art Comes First understanding:

Progression empowers each and every one of us to move collectively forward. The ACF Collective encourages itself and its clients to always think about being more inclusive instead of chasing the myth of being exclusive. The end goal is to figure out how your brand can help the community grow without a focus on social media approval or creating charities. And to have fun doing so.

The Collective Self:

Throughout this course, the idea that rules are meant to be broken has appeared a number of times. “Rules are meant to be broken. Traditions are meant to be kept.” However, at the end of the day traditions are about one thing and one thing only: maintaining a connection between and among people(s). Your brand can help hinder or foster that through your products, services, and most importantly, through the community you build around your brand. The Collective Self or Chosen Family of a Brand may include: Coworkers Collaborators Suppliers Manufacturers & Laborers Fans & Followers Existing Customers Prospective Customers How your brand engaging with each of these categories reflects on the totality of the brand image. Community Guidelines In the AFC TEDx Talk, Shaka had articulated two principles of community engagement: Be yourself: your (brand) identity and style must come through clearly Be proactive: curiosity and commitment to action must drive all decisions When we show up as our best selves and bring our top skills to any project, success is nearly guaranteed. It becomes a duty to share opportunities with others online, offline, and locally! Where you at?!


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