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AI to Promote the Development of Sustainable Fisheries

Hello, everyone. Welcome. I am Chen-I Wu. I am curriculum system professor with Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, here at National Taiwan Ocean University. So I guess you know what we’re going to talk about today, right? It’s about ocean and AI. I would like to start this talk with I remember I watch Star Trek. I think that’s one. When I was kid and always start with space, the final frontier. So today I’ll start my talk from ocean. the Final Frontier’s. OK. So before we really get into the AI part, I think I would like to communicate several concept with you guys. We talk about AI, artificial intelligence. We talk about big data, a lot of big words, a lot of bust words.
But how does this technology can help us? I think the I mean for me. For my personally, I think the technology itself. It’s not good or bad. It is really how we use it So, um, ocean. In ocean covers 70% of the earth surface and we know so little about it. So that means with this kind of tool, remember the keyword, is this is just a tool. With these tools, so many things could be done or can be done in this area. We can explore some anywhere that is impossible in the past and with the technology, the software, AI or the hardware. the unmanned, the submarine or stuff like that.
We can explore so many things, so I think we need to decide which direction we want to focus or spend our energy on. Today, we will talk about or we will focus on sustainability Because we only have one earth. We care about decades ago we care about our energy so we did a lot of good things. We do a renewable energies. We try to replace a fossil field because we know the fossil field is one day will eventually, one day we will finish all the fossil field we can find. And then we’ll blow our mother earth. Same as ocean. I think this sustainable fisheries, or anything else is very important. How do we do it?
Because hum…Actually I should say, why do we care about this? So the focus today will be, How do we build or how do we maintain this beautiful, wonderful ocean or wonderful earth we have for future generations to come? So, that’s why today’s talk will be focus on Hum, how do we use artificial intelligent this tool to keep our ocean clean or at least to maintain or keep the ocean as our forefathers they had And we want to keep the same thing to our children.

This week, Prof. Wu, Chun-I will introduction the management of fisheries. Have you ever wonder how AI combines with sustainable fisheries? Prof. Wu will use his expertise to introduce automatic catch analysis system on fisheries and an international Project SMARTFISH and its results and conclusion. He will first have an introduction.

Why is sustainability important? In the field of ocean, we still have a lot to study. When it comes to sustainability, it’s actually more about saving for the future and having a vision. Does your country have a thriving fishery and agricultural development?

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