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2. Rags to riches

Explore how the 'Rags to Riches' plot archetype can be used in commercial creativity using an example of D&AD awarded work from our archive.
That’s a one iron. One time ready. This guy was six down and out. He could go one more. Oh, here he goes. He’s going to get this one. He is! Look at that.
They’re all going to be wearing red jumpers on Sundays now. [CHEERING]
Right. That’s it. I can’t even see that one. Aw, just a couple more.
[APPLAUSE] Stay up. Oh! Yes! Well, how’s he getting on? He’s four over.
What hole’s he on? He’s on 14th. It’s wet, isn’t it?
You warm enough? I’m warm enough, yeah. In golf, Tiger Woods won his third open championship, a two-stroke victory. Became the first back to back winner since 1983. So when do you think you’ll turn professional? I’m really enjoying it at the minute. I know I have to keep working hard to keep getting better and better. On the first tee, Tiger Woods. [APPLAUSE]
From Northern, Ireland, Rory McIlroy.
[APPLAUSE] Great shot there, man. [APPLAUSE]
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy / Client: Nike Golf
Graphite Pencil / Film Advertising / 2016
Rags to Riches Recap
At the beginning, our hero is insignificant and dismissed by others, but something happens to elevate them, revealing them to be exceptional.
Two Minute Task
While you’re watching the video, think about the following:
  • Do you feel there’s a turning point in the narrative where the hero moves from ‘rags’ to ‘riches’?
  • Do you think using well known personalities helps to aid the narrative?
  • What other examples can you think of that use this archetype?
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