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Articulation position of z zh j

In this video, we'll explain articulation posistion of z zh j.

Xuē Zàilín,a student from South Korea thought that z zh j are very difficult. In this video, let’s figure it out together with her.

When you pronounce “z zh j” , pay attention to the position of the tongue. z.Your tongue should be the most forward of the three sounds.
zh. The tongue should be raised to touch the hard palate. j. The tip of the tongue doesn’t touch anything, but the upper surface of the tongue should touch the upper jaw.

Words for practicing: Click to listen

  • zuòfàn — cook; zhuōzi — table; jiāyóu — add oil
  • “jiā”means to add,“yóu”means oil. Like a car adding oil, you have energy, to run faster, to do better! So when you want to encourage people, you say “jiā yóu”, means “you can do it” !
Pronunciation method of c, ch, q and s, sh, x is similar to z, zh, j. Pay attention to x, your tongue should be placed in the middle, not touching the teeth and the upper palate. There shouldn’t be a ‘s’ sound at all.
Words for practicing: Click to listen
  • cèsuǒ — toilet; chēshǒu — rider; qiézi — eggplant.
  • zhōngcān — Chinese food; shuìjiào — sleep; zàijiàn — good-bye
  • qí zìxíngchē — ride a bicycle; chūzūchē sījī — taxi driver.
  • Tongue twister to practice s, sh sound and the tones:

Sì shì sì, shí shì shí. Shísì shì shísì. Sìshí shì sìshí.(4 is 4, 10 is 10, 14 is 14, 40 is 40)Click to listen You can first read it slowly but clearly, then try to read it faster.

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