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Create a Sketch of Your VR Experience

Start thinking about your idea for a VR experience.

Every great VR experience starts with a single idea. What is it that you want the users to experience?

During this 4-week course, we will explore the various fundamental concepts essential for creating a VR experience. We want this process to be exciting for you. Hence, we ask you to apply these concepts in realising your own VR experience right away. We want you to define, explore and construct parts of your own VR experience at each step. Use each step to provide the knowledge that helps you achieve this. So let’s begin!

Every VR experience (as a means to engage with a virtual world) is designed with a certain goal in mind, similar in form to a story or flow. The user’s experience of the world is shaped by this story that the designer wishes to convey as they perform the activity or work towards a goal. So, your first step is to think of what your story is about?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. An explorer experience that showcases the solar system?
  2. A virtual planner and organizer for tasks?
  3. A little edu-game about washing hands?

Action : Identify the story for your own VR experience.

By defining the setting, we set up the user’s expectations, built upon familiarity of prior experience(s). It is what the user sees in the virtual world, establishes relationship with it and builds expectations about interacting with the content. In story-telling, this is defined as the time and place where the story occurs, defining the mood for a story. For a virtual world, it specifies what will be found in the world and how the user will interact with it.

Action: Identify the setting for your own VR experience.

Since we are designing a virtual world, the visual layout is an important way to convey the story and the setting of the experience. Try to sketch your idea as best as you can. Remember, it’s a sketch, meant to be messy, lacking detail, and possibly a few separate but related viewpoints tied together.

Action: Sketch the visuals that a user would see in your VR experience.

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Construct a Virtual Reality Experience

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