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Why are visualisations important?

Video on why visualisations are important

Watch the video to explore some key examples and comparisons that would make you realise the importance of visualisations in general.

You can find the links to the interactive visualisations used in the video here. Think about these visualisations when you reflect on your own experiences with how data is presented:

Interact: Based on a true story[1]

Interact: The Rise of Nintendo Switch Sales[2]

Read the following article by Andy Cotgreave on Tableau to understand the importance of data storytelling in the years to come:

Read: The importance of data storytelling in the next decade of data[3]

After watching the video

Think of an incident in real life, when you were misguided or misled because although the data was communicated, it was not visually presented. Share in the comments for your fellow learners to respond and reflect.


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