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Considering scaffolding the learning

Evaluating how the previous examples have scaffolded the learning in each lesson.
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You have now read about and seen our teachers employing a range of scaffolds, including thinking organisers and help desks, to differentiate and support students to access the learning:

  • Jane used a true/false grid to help children apply ideas in maths.
  • Gemma and Tom used a Venn diagram to help children compare and contrast ideas in science.
  • Kate F used a Venn diagram and double bubble to help students compare and contrast and a card sort to help them sequence ideas in science.
  • A range of teachers used different help desks for students to access throughout the learning.

Any of these ideas could be adapted and used to support students of all ages. Consider which of the ideas you have seen in Steps 4.4 – 4.6 you would like to have a go at implementing and what your students would do next in their learning after using the scaffold you have chosen.


As you were watching the videos we asked you to make a note of your thoughts about each activity:
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • The practicalities of managing the ideas
  • Any questions you may have about the approach
Share a brief summary of your thoughts about ONE of the activities, and how you might use it in the classroom.
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