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Benefits of using an innovation framework

In this article, George Wilson introduces some of the potential benefits of using a framework to manage innovation in your organisation.
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The EFQM Innovation Framework asks an organisation to think of innovation as an organisational process. Some think this is counterintuitive. They believe that creative thinking can be inhibited if there is a defined way of doing things. Yet there are many practical benefits of a structured approach to innovation.

Let’s look at the potential benefits of using an innovation framework:

  • it helps position innovation activity in line with strategy
  • it helps determine goals and objectives for innovation
  • it helps an organisation define criteria for identifying and prioritising innovation activity
  • the focus is internal (employees) and external (customers, suppliers, partners)
  • it helps improve employee engagement and motivation.
  • it helps identify what skills and competences are needed to manage innovation
  • it helps identify what resource is needed to support innovation
  • it helps with the identification of measures of innovation impact

In summary, an innovation framework allows an organisation to identify and create an environment in which innovation can flourish.

We treat innovation as if it were magical, not subject to guidance or nurturing, much less planning. If we study history, however, we know that’s simply untrue. There are times, places, and conditions under which innovation flourishes.” (Samuel J. Palmisano, CEO of IBM , 2003)

Before we move to the next step, to what extent do you think that the conditions are right for innovation in your organisation?

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