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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design and build machines to solve problems. Watch Dr Arash Mehrafrooz explain more.

In this video, Arash introduced the topic of mechanical engineering.

Here are some of the key words from the video. Click to hear the pronunciation. Practise saying each word and make sure you stress the correct syllable.


automotive (adj.)
/au – to – MO – tive/
mechanical engineering (n.)
/me – CHA – ni – cal/ /en – gi – NEER – ing/
aviation (n.)
/a – vi – A – tion/
mechanical (adj.)
/me – CHA – ni – cal/
component (n.)
/com – PO – nent/
physics (n.)
/PHY – sics/
engine (n.)
/EN – gine/
refrigerator, fridge (n.)
/re – FRID – ge – ra – tor/, /FRIDGE/
fluids (n.)
/FLU – ids/
solids (n.)
/SO – lids/
machine (n.)
/ma – CHINE/


Now try this Quizlet Set to practise the key vocabulary from the video you just watched.

Making Your Quizlet

After you have practised with our Quizlet set, try making your own study set on the Quizlet website to match your needs. You should make Quizlet flashcards that help you learn best. Here are some examples of what you can include on the flashcards:

  • the word in English
  • the definition in English
  • the word in your language
  • the definition in your language
  • an example sentence
  • the word form (noun, verb, adjective)
  • a picture

Need help using Quizlet? Click here.


Which vocabulary from the video was new for you? If you like, share the Quizlet set you made with other learners.

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