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Round up

Listen to Genevieve summarise what has been learned over the course of the week.
We’ve covered a lot of ground in Week Two of the course. We started by looking at the American Declaration of Independence. We looked at the events leading up to the Declaration, and considered its links with Magna Carta. We then moved on to consider two movements which fought to grant the right to vote to a wider portion of the population. We looked at the Chartists’ modern day Magna Carta, and considered how the Suffragettes were inspired by principles of fairness enshrined in Magna Carta. Finally, we looked at two well-known freedom fighters, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, and looked at how the principles underlying Magna Carta directed their campaigns for fairness and freedom.
Take a moment to think about how you found most interesting about this week’s activities. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Listen to Genevieve summarise what we’ve learned this week. It’s certainly true that we’ve covered a lot of ground!

  • We’ve looked at the events leading up to the Declaration of Independence.

  • We’ve explored two Suffrage movements: the Chartists and the Suffragettes.

  • We’ve learned a little about the lives and work of two famous 20th century freedom fighters: Gandhi and Mandela.

In each case, we’ve considered how these movements towards equality and liberty were influenced by Magna Carta.

Now, please take a moment to think about these questions and share your ideas in the comments below.

  • What have you found most interesting about this week?

  • Why did you find this particularly interesting?

  • Is there any topic you’d like to research in more detail? How will you go about doing this?

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