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Make a sandwich

Video making a sandwich
I’m going to show you how to make a tuna mayo sarnie. This is actually called a tuna, mayonnaise sandwich but in our house we used to call it tuna mayo. So first of all, get two pieces of bread. You can get any sort of bread that you like. I’ve got crusty white bread that I love. You could have brown bread or wholemeal bread, choose any bread that you like. Next we’re going to take some butter. I like butter on mine, some people prefer olive oil or even margarine, and some people like nothing because this also has mayonnaise. So you might feel you don’t actually need anything on your bread.
So a bit more, take it to the edges, that’s what my mum used to say.
OK next let’s move that to the side, you won’t need that for a minute. Take some tuna. I’m using tuna in olive oil, you could try tuna in brine, or tuna, I think there is even tuna in saltwater now. I’ve taken out most of the oil. Next, I’m going to add some mayo or mayonnaise. Take a couple of teaspoons and just mix it in.
Break it down a little bit with your fork, so it’s not chunky, becomes quite smooth. Turn it around a bit. Now I’ve got to say I love salt and pepper, so I’m going to do a couple of good grinds of pepper, and salt. Again you don’t have to put these in. These are what I like. And then I’m going to introduce you to the secret ingredient. Just for a bit of– I don’t know, I can’t explain it, just makes it that much better and makes my mouth water. I’m adding a little bit of malt vinegar, in fact that’s half a teaspoon.
You could use balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar If you liked. It just gives you a little bit of tartness or something. So mix that in. Now that’s your basic tuna mayo. So you could just use that if you wanted to, but I have to say, I love mine with a bit of crunch. So I’m going to add some red pepper, I’ve already diced this red pepper as you can see, and you can see, so they’re tiny little pieces of pepper. Again mix it in so it’s all coated. I also love capers, so I’m going to add capers in. Some people even add sweetcorn, I find that a bit too much on a sarnie.
So there you go, that’s all mixed and ready to go. Oh I know what I’ve forgotten. I also like a little bit of onion in it. So I’m just going to do some white onion.
You can make this as big or small as you like, your onion. I qiute like it small so I’m just going to dice it.
Turn it round, little bit more.
Chop up these big bits, because I don’t really want those big bits in my sarnie.
Couple bits there.
Whoops, dropped a bit. OK get your bowl back of tuna and just scrape in your diced onions.
Again, mix it in. just listen to it, it just sounds yummy if that’s even possible. I’m not sure. OK get back your bread, add in your filling now. Let’s take a piece of bread, now I have to say, I love this so I do actually put quite a bit on. But you could have it as thin as you like or as thick as you like. Again got to take it to the edges as my mum used to say. So every mouthful has a bit of a filling in it. OK, there’s your filling. Now what I also like is cucumber. So I’ve already sliced some cucumber. Bit more cucumber. We’ll just do four slices on there.
Again I’m going to be really cheeky and add a little bit more pepper, because I do like pepper. Now I’m going to add some rocket into mine. Now rocket is quite peppery, as I already said I like it, but you could choose lettuce if you wanted a bit more crunch. That’s why I like this sandwich because it’s got lots of crunch. All right so now pop your lid on, so the top of the sandwich and press it down with your hands.
What you need to do now is take your sharp knife, cut it down the middle, and now I’m going to show you my scrummy tuna mayo sarnie. Can you see? How delicious is that? I hope you enjoy it.

Watch Tina making a tuna mayo sandwich.

Tina is making her favourite sandwich.

Here are the ingredients she mentions to make the sandwich:

  • crusty white bread
  • butter
  • tuna
  • mayonnaise
  • vinegar
  • red pepper
  • capers
  • onion
  • cucumber
  • rocket
  • salt and pepper


  • Butter two slices of bread.
  • Add two teaspoons of mayonnaise to some tuna. Mix it together so that it’s smooth, not chunky.
  • Add salt and pepper and half a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Add diced red pepper, a teaspoon of capers and some diced onion.
  • Spread the filling onto the bread.
  • Slice some cucumber and place on top of the sandwich filling. Add some rocket.


These are some of the adjectives Tina used. Watch again. What does each adjective describe?

  • chunky
  • smooth
  • yummy
  • peppery

Over to you

  • Are there any words Tina used that you aren’t sure about?
  • If you want to, share a recipe for your favourite sandwich in the comments below.

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