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Scenario B: Nurse

Watch the nurse discuss the topic of weight and fertility with her patient, Kate.
NURSE: Hi, Kate, so lovely to see you again. And you’re 10 weeks pregnant. Congratulations.
KATE: Thank you.
NURSE: How’s everything going this time around?
KATE: Yeah, OK, I guess. I mean it’s really different being pregnant with a toddler around.
NURSE: Yeah.
KATE: I guess I feel like I’m tired a lot of the time. I don’t really get a chance have a break. Tyler sleeps really well at night. But during the day, he just has his one nap, and then I’m trying to clean the house or catch up on the paperwork for the business.
NURSE: Oh gosh, you sound so busy. It must be really challenging to try to find time to rest.
KATE: Yeah, it is.
NURSE: Oh. Hey, do you mind if we have a little chat about your weight?
KATE: Yeah OK.
NURSE: Sure, look I not can be a really sensitive issue, but it’s a really important one, all right? Now, do you know how much you weighed before you became pregnant?
KATE: 78 or 79, I think. I mean, I’m already back into a lot of my maternity care, so it’s a good thing and get rid of it.
NURSE: OK, good. All right, would you mind if we take your weight today so that we can have a weight measurement?
KATE: That’s fine.
NURSE: Thank you. OK, Kate, if I could just get you to hop on the scale for me, please. Thank you. That’s great. That’s all I need. Thanks, Kate. I know being weighed is not always easy. I do want to have a look at your weight history. Yeah, and it does show that you got down to 79 kilos after you gave birth to Tyler. So if I look at the way that I’ve just taken, it shows me that you’ve put on five kilograms during this pregnancy, which is a lot faster than the last one. Do you know why it’s so important to monitor weight during pregnancy?
KATE: I think it’s just to stop women gaining too much weight and getting gestational diabetes, is that right?
NURSE: Yeah, spot on. Yeah, and we also know that women that gain a lot of weight during pregnancy find it a lot harder to lose afterwards.
KATE: Am I at risk of any of that?
NURSE: No, not necessarily. And that’s why it’s important for us to keep you and bubs healthy and to monitor your weight. Now, do you think that your weight gain might have any impact on your baby?
KATE: I don’t know. I mean, I thought it was supposed to gain weight.
NURSE: Yeah, you are. And that’s our job to make sure we monitor you as you’re gaining the weight. And these days, we have got a much better understanding of why it’s important to monitor weight gain during pregnancy. And we have some wonderful resources to help us to do that. I’ve got some pamphlets here that you can take home that will help you to monitor your own weight. Have a look at that. Do you think that you feel confident to take that home and do a few of the things?
KATE: Yeah, I can give it a go.
NURSE: Yeah OK, good.

Watch the nurse discuss the topic of weight and fertility with her patient, Kate.

While you’re watching the scenario, reflect on the nurse’s approach to the consultation with Kate, and note any aspects you think could be improved.

To help guide your reflection, go to Downloads to access a Consultation analysis template which you can complete while watching the scenario.

Talking point

Now that you’ve watched the scenario, within the Comments, consider sharing your thoughts on the nurse’s consultation.

  • How does the nurse’s consultation style in this scenario compare to the style used in Scenario: A?

  • Does she work through the three phases of consultation that were described in Scenario A: Nurse and how does her approach differ from Scenario A?

Also consider reading and commenting on contributions made by other learners. You can also ‘Like’ comments or follow other learners throughout the course.

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