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Factors influencing what we eat

Watch Simone talk about some of the factors that influence the food we eat.

Watch Simone talk about some of the factors that influence the food we eat.

While you’re watching, reflect on the many factors that can shape our dietary patterns and the foods we choose to eat, such as our food preferences, budget and sleep patterns.

We must remember that while nutrition is a science, the way we eat can be considered a behaviour.

Even though we are learning more than ever about nutrition and how it can affect our health, knowledge alone is not the only driver behind our food choices. We know that food choices can vary each day depending on changes in our daily routines.

To eat well and improve our diet we must have knowledge of nutrition and health science, and also take into account factors that influence our behaviour as well.

Talking point

Within the Comments, consider sharing with other learners some of the factors that influence what you eat.

  • If you are tired or do not sleep well, does this affect your food choices or your appetite?
  • Does your budget or lack of time to cook influence the foods that you choose?

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Food as Medicine

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