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Introduction of the Google case

The Google example is used in the course to demonstrate certain aspects of the GDPR. Watch Evgeni Moyakine explain more.
In this course, the Google example is used to illustrate certain aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation and get more familiar with it. I would like to briefly introduce this example to you. Google is a large multinational technology company that specialises in a large variety of products and services. The spheres of activity of Google include Internet search services, cloud computing, software development, hardware production, and many others. Given that Google has such a large operation, this company in all facets of its activity will be used to discuss the GDPR and its application in our course.
In certain scenarios, Google can be fulfilling different roles and might be considered a data controller– for instance, as the operator of the Google search engine or a data processor when it, for example, runs the Google Cloud Platform. Google has a large user base in different fields and can be involved to a certain degree in the processing of personal data of numerous individuals. Therefore, the position of data subjects and their rights could also be illustrated with help of several examples with this company. In addition, in the past, Google has been part of legal proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union, or simply the CJEU.
And one case could serve multiple purposes for illustrating ideas and concepts introduced by us. More information on this case will be provided in the relevant parts of the course. In order to start our journey and learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation, I would like to encourage you to keep this image of Google in mind, and try to imagine how it engages in the processing of personal data by different means.

We are using the Google example in this course to illustrate certain aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation. Google is essentially a large multinational technology company specialising in a large variety of products and services, including Internet search services and cloud computing.

In our course, the Google example can, for instance, be used to demonstrate different data protection roles or the position of data subjects and their rights. Also, references are made to the Google Spain case brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

We hope that you will find this example and case helpful in understanding the sometimes abstract concepts in the GDPR.

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