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Chinese characters

We are going to learn three new strokes and three new characters

Three new strokes

撇折 piězhé left-falling to turning

斜钩 xiégōu slanting hook

提 tí rising

Can you find these three strokes in the following characters:

东,去,现, 找

Three new characters

东 dōng east. 东 is where the sun rises. The original form of 东 looks like the sun hidden in bush. It indicates the sunrise. Therefore this character means the direction of sunrise- east.

西 xī west. The original form of 西 is a bird’s nest. When it comes to sunset, all the birds fly back to their nest for a rest. Therefore this character indicates the direction of the sunset- west.

我 wǒ I, me. The character “我”originally looked like a weapon with sharp edges. Now it is a personal pronoun.

All the characters we have learnt so far are formed by only one part. They are called single-component structure, such as 人、我. There is another type of characters, formed by compound structure, such as 你、做, formed by two or more parts.

Question: Is 东 a single component or a compound?

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