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Dialogue 2 and homework

Let's learn the dialogue 2.

Dialogue 2

A: 今天 会 下雨 吗?Jīntiān huì xià yǔ ma?

B: 今天 不 会 下 雨。Jīntiān bú huì xià yǔ.

A: 王 小姐 今天 会 来 吗?Wáng xiǎojiě jīntiān huì lái ma?

B: 不 会 来,天气 太 冷 了。Bú huì lái, tiānqì tài lěng le.

Let’s read the dialogue again without the help of Pinyin






Look at the weather forecast of the next two days after class, and see if it will rain or not. Answer the following questions in Chinese.



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