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Chinese characters

Today we will learn how to write three new single-component characters and two radicals.

Characters 汉字

日 rì sun

The original shape of“日” is just like the image of the sun.

目 mù eye

The original shape of “目” is just like the image of an eye.

习 xí to study

Originally “习” meant to learn and repeatedly review to achieve proficiency.

Radicals 偏旁

日:related to time

时 shí time 晚 wǎn late

目:related to the eyes

眼 yǎn eye 睡 shuì to sleep

The radicals can not only appear beside, but also over or under the other components, such as 星 xīng star and 看 kàn to look.


Distinguish the following Chinese characters, and try to make words with each character after class. For those we haven’t learnt in the class you can look them up in the dictionary or ask your Chinese friends

学 vs 字

晴(qíng) vs 睛(jīng/jing)

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