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New words and language points

Let's learn some new words and expressions first.

New words

认识 rènshi to meet, to know or to get acquaintance

年 nián year

大学 dàxué college, university.

上大学 shàng dàxué to attend a college or a university.

In Chinese educational system, before 大学,we have 小学 xiǎoxué primary school, and 中学 zhōngxué middle school.

Language points

When expressing the year, we should read the numbers one by one.

For example, 2018年 èrlíngyībā nián

The order of date expression in Chinese is 年,月,日,星期. From the bigger unit to the smaller. For example, 2018年10月1日星期一。

the structure 是……的 is used to emphasise time or place

When something is known to have happened or done, we can use the structure to emphasise when or where it has happened or has been done.

For example,

I saw you come back and would like to know when you were back, I can use the sentence: 你是什么时候回来的? You can answer 我是昨天回来的。

Another example, I knew you two are friends, but I want to know where you met each other, I can ask 你们是在哪儿认识的?And the answer could be 我们是在学校认识的。

In positive and interrogative sentences, 是can be omitted, 的is necessary .

For example, 我是昨天回来的。=我昨天回来的。But you can not say 我是昨天回来。

In negative sentences, however, 是 can’t be omitted.

For example, 我不是昨天回来的。( √ ) 我不昨天回来的。( × )

Please note if there is an object after the verb, it is usually placed after 的.

For example:

我是在家吃的饭。( √ ) 我是在家吃饭的。( × )

If the object is a place, it could be placed either before or after 的.

他是昨天去的北京。( √ ) 他是昨天去北京的。( √ )

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