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New words and Dialogue 4

Let's talk about this pretty cat and see how old it is.

New words

它 tā pron. it

它们 tāmen plural of it

Please note: 他 tā and 她 tā share the same pronunciation with 它; 他 refers to man; 她 refers to woman. And 它 refers to animal or object.

眼睛 yǎnjinɡ n. eye

花花 Huāhua name of a cat

Dialogue 4

A:桌子下面有个猫。Zhuōzi xiàmiɑn yǒu ɡè māo。

There is a cat under the table.

B:那是我的猫,它叫花花。Nà shì wǒ de māo,tā jiào Huāhua 。

It’s my cat Huahua.

A:它很漂亮。Tā hěn piàoliɑnɡ

It’s beautiful.

B:是啊,我觉得它的眼睛最漂亮。Shì ā, wǒ juéde tā de yǎnjinɡ zuì piàoliɑnɡ。

Yes. I think it has the most beautiful eyes.

A:它多大了?Tā duō dà le ?

How old is it?

B:六个多月。Liù ɡe duō yuè

More than six months.

Now please try again without Pinyin.







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