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Dialogue 1 and homework

How do you celebrate birthday? Today we will talk about birthday celebrations.

New words

生日shēngrì n birthday

快乐kuàilè adj. happy or glad

生日快乐!Shēngrì kuàilè ! Happy birthday!

给gěi prep. to or for

Language points

Sentence with “是……的”: emphasizing the agent of an action. The action has happened.

For example:

晚饭是谁做的?Wǎnfàn shì shéi zuò de?

晚饭是妈妈做的。Wǎnfàn shì māmā zuò de。

The negative form is “不是……的”

For example:

这个汉字不是大卫写的。Zhège hànzì bùshì dà wèi xiě de。

Dialogue 1

A:生日快乐!这是送给你的!Shēngrì kuàilè! Zhè shì sòng gěi nǐ de!

Happy birthday! This is for you.

B:是什么?是一本书吗?Shì shénme? Shì yī běn shū ma?

What is it? Is it a book?

A:对,这本书是我写的。 Duì, zhè běn shū shì wǒ xiě de.

Yes. A book written by me.

B:太谢谢你了!Tài xièxiè nǐle!

Thank you so much!

Now please try read it again without Pinyin.





Can you try to retell this dialogue?

Here is an example:



Today we have learnt how to greet someone’s birthday. 生日快乐!

Please try to say生日快乐to someone who is going to have birthday recently!

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