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Dialogue 3 and homework

Today we have learned about describing a time point with “……的时候”. When did you begin to play football?

New words

非常 fēicháng adv. very, extremely

开始 kāishǐ v. to begin, to start

已经 yǐjīng adv. already

Language points

“……的时候”indicating time

“Num-M+的时候”indicates time

For example:

  1. 十点的时候开始下雨。Shí diǎn de shíhòu kāishǐ xià yǔ.
  2. 我十二岁的时候开始踢足球 。Wǒ shí’èr suì de shíhòu kāishǐ tī zúqiú.

“V+的时候” also indicates time

For example:

  1. 我睡觉的时候妈妈在做饭。Wǒ shuìjiào de shíhòu māmā zài zuò fàn.
  2. 他到学校的时候下雨了。Tā dào xuéxiào de shíhòu xià yǔle.

Dialogue 3

A:你喜欢踢足球吗? Nǐ xǐhuan tī zúqiú ma?

Do you link playing football?

B:非常喜欢。Fēicháng xǐhuan.

Yes, very much.

A:你是什么时候开始踢足球的?Nǐ shì shénme shíhòu kāishǐ tī zúqiú de?

When did you begin to play football?

B:我十一岁的时候开始踢足球,已经踢了十年了。Wǒ shíyī suì de shíhòu kāishǐ tī zúqiú, yǐjīng tīle shí niánle.

I was 11 when I played football for the first time. It has been 10 years.

Let’s try to read it again just in characters.






Today we have learned about describing a time point with “……的时候”.

他八岁的时候开始踢足球。Tā bā suì de shíhòu kāishǐ tī zúqiú.

妈妈回家的时候我在学习。Māma huí jiā de shíhòu wǒ zài xuéxí.

When did you start learning Chinese? Try to answer this question with “的时候”.

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