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New words and language points

Today we will learn more words and expressions about sports.

New words

打篮球 dǎ lánqiú to play basketball

游泳 yóuyǒng to swim

经常 jīngcháng often,frequently

公斤 gōngjīn kilogram

因为 yīnwèi because,since

所以 suǒyǐ so

Language points

The pair of conjunctions “因为……,所以…… ”

我这个星期天天都吃羊肉,不想吃了。Wǒ zhège xīngqī tiāntiān dōu chī yángròu, bù xiǎng chī le.

the sentence indicates the cause and the second part indicates the effect.

Now we can use the pair of conjunctions “因为……,所以…… ” to connect this two parts.

因为我这个星期天天都吃羊肉,所以不想吃了。Yīnwèi wǒ zhège xīngqī tiāntiān dōu chī yángròu, suǒyǐ bù xiǎng chī le.

We can use both “因为……,所以…… ” or either of them in a sentence. For example:

因为昨天下雨, 所以我没去踢足球。

因为昨天下雨, 我没去踢足球。

昨天下雨, 所以我没去踢足球。

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HSK Standard Course Level 2: 2.2

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