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New words and dialogue 4

Today we’ll see two girls talking about celebrating the birthday of one of them.

New words

过 guò v. to pass (time),to spend(time).

过生日 guò shēngrì

走 zǒu v. to walk

Dialogue 4

A:今天晚上我们一起吃饭吧,给你过生日。 Jīntiān wǎnshang wǒmen yìqǐ chī fàn ba, gěi nǐ guò shēngrì.

Let’s have dinner together tonight to celebrate your birthday.

B:今天?离我的生日还有一个多星期呢。Jīntiān? Lí wǒ de shēngrì hái yǒu yí ge duō xīngqī ne.

Tonight? My birthday is more than one week later.

A:下个星期我要去北京,今天过吧。Xià ge xīngqī wǒ yào qù Běijīng, jīntiān guò ba.

Next week I’ll go to Beijing. Let’s celebrate it today.

B:好吧,离这儿不远有一个中国饭馆,走几分钟就到了。Hǎo ba, lí zhèr bù yuǎn yǒu yí ge zhōngguó fànguǎn, zǒu jǐ fēnzhōng jiù dàole.

Fine. There’s a Chinese restaurant nearby, only a few minutes’ walk away.

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.





If you were B, try to change the dialogue into a short paragraph.


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