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Dialogue 2 and homework

If you have time, what would you like to do with your friends? Let’s see a conversation between two friends, what do they want to do.

Dialogue 2

A:外边天气很好,我们出去运动运动吧!Wàibian tiānqì hěn hǎo, wǒmen chūqu yùndonɡ yùndonɡ bɑ!

It’s a nice day outside. Let’s go out to do some exercise.

B:你等等我,好吗?王老师让我给大卫打个电话。Nǐ děnɡdenɡ wǒ, hǎo mɑ? Wánɡ lǎoshī rànɡ wǒ ɡěi Dàwèi dǎ ɡe diànhuà.

Please wait for me for a minute, will you? Professor Wang asked me to give David a call.

A:回来再打吧。找大卫有什么事情吗?Huílai zài dǎ bɑ. Zhǎo Dàwèi yǒu shénme shìqinɡ mɑ?

Call him after we come back. What’s the matter?

B:听说大卫病了,我想找时间去看看他。Tīnɡshuō Dàwèi bìnɡ le, wǒ xiǎnɡ zhǎo shíjiān qù kànkɑn tā.

I heard that David is sick. I want to visit hime sometime.

Let’s try to read it again without Pinyin.

A: 外边天气很好,我们出去运动运动吧!

B: 你等等我,好吗?王老师让我给大卫打个电话。

A: 回来再打吧。找大卫有什么事情吗?

B: 听说大卫病了,我想找时间去看看他。

If you were A, please retell the text by yourself.



After class, please try to write down who asked you to do something recently and talk about them with “让” in Chinese.

For example: 老师让他给大卫打个电话。Lǎoshī rànɡ wǒ ɡěi Dàwèi dǎ ɡè diànhuà.

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HSK Standard Course Level 2: 2.2

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