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Dialogue 4 and homework

Where do you work or study?Is it far from you house?Is it convenient?Today we’ll learn some expressions about the location of residence.

Dialogue 4

A: 你在忙什么呢?Nǐ zài máng shénme ne?

What are you busy with?

B: 我弟弟让我帮他找个房子,现在他家离公司有点儿远。Wǒ dìdi ràng wǒ bāng tā zhǎo ge fángzi ,xiànzài tā jiā lí gōngsī yǒudiǎnr yuǎn.

My younger brother asked me to find an apartment for him. He now lives far from the company.

A: 住得远真的很累!Zhù de yuǎn zhēn de hěn lèi!

It’s really exhausting to live far.

B: 是啊,他也希望能住得近一点儿。Shì a ,tā yě xīwàng néng zhù de jìn yìdiǎnr.

It’s true. He also wants to live nearer.

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.

A: 你在忙什么呢?

B: 我弟弟让我帮他找个房子,现在他家离公司有点儿远。

A: 住得远真的很累!

B: 是啊,他也希望能住得近一点儿。

If you were B try to retell the dialogue into a short paragraph.



Today we have focused on the affirmative-negative question form of the sentence contains a complement of result or degree.


After class please ask several friends whether they live far from your house, and find out who lives the nearest to your house, and who lives the furthest.

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