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Dialogue 3 and homework

Let's learn how to talk about weather.

New words

晴 qínɡ adj. sunny

晴天 qínɡ tiān sunny day

阴天 yīn tiān cloudy day

Language points

When we ask about the weather, 怎么样would be used, 怎么样 is very similar to “what about…? how about…? ” in English. Such as

今天的天气怎么样 ?jīntiān de tiānqì zěnmeyànɡ ?

你们学校怎么样?Nǐmen xuéxiào zěnmeyànɡ ?

这个商店怎么样?Zhèɡe shānɡdiàn zěnmeyànɡ ?

Answering this kind of question, if we wants to say two aspects on the contrary, we can use the structure “虽然……但是……”, do you still remember?

“虽然” “但是” connect two clauses, and the content after “但是” is emphasised. For example:




Dialogue 3

A:明天天气怎么样?Mínɡtiān tiānqì zěnmeyànɡ?

How will the weather be tomorrow?

B:虽然是晴天,但是很冷。Suīrán shì qínɡtiān,dànshì hěnlěnɡ 。

It will be fine, but cold.

A:那还能去跑步吗 ?Nà háinénɡ qù pǎobù mɑ ?

In that case, is it OK to go jogging?

B:可以 , 但是你自己去吧 ,我还有很多事情要做。Kéyǐ ,dànshì nǐ zìjǐ qùbɑ , wǒ háiyǒu hěnduō shìqínɡ yào zuò 。

I think so. But I’m afraid you have to go by yourself because I have a lot of work to do.

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.

A: 明天天气怎么样?

B: 虽然是晴天,但是很冷。

A: 那还能去跑步吗?

B: 可以,但是你自己去吧,我还有很多事情要做。

If you were B, please use 虽然……但是…… to retell the dialogue.



Today we have learnt more expressions to talk about the weather.



After class please watch the weekly weather report, talk about the weather and what you are going to do in Chinese. Try to use 虽然……但是……as many as possible

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