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What do you listen to in the Listening test?

Watch Nuria, a learner of English, discussing the types of recordings she needs to listen to in IELTS, with Gad Lim and Anthony Cosgrove.
So what sorts of things will I need to listen to in the IELTS listening task? Well, basically, there are two main kinds of things that you need to listen to, and the first one is a monologue, which means there’s one speaker speaking on their own. This could be something that would be, in the real world, would be recorded, like a phone message, or a podcast, or something like that. Or it could be a speaker addressing a real live audience, like a lecturer giving a lecture to university students, or it could be a tour guide in a museum addressing visitors to the museum. And then the second kind of thing you have to listen to is a conversation.
Usually, there’ll be two people, though there might be a third person. Very often it’s some sort of transaction, so somebody’s trying to get something done. So it might be a person who is contacting an estate agent to find details about different flats for rent, and the estate agent has got the information and is telling them the details. Or it could be something in an academic context. It could be two students working together and planning a presentation that they’re going to give. Or it could be a lecturer giving feedback to a student about an essay that they’ve been writing - so any of those things. But it’ll always be a monologue or some sort of conversation. OK, perfect.
Yeah, and you’ll find that in the first parts of the test, it generally will be in situations of trying to get things done out in the world. Whereas in the latter parts of the tests, it’ll mostly be set in academic type context. So when you’re in university, you still do need to go out there into the world, but you also need to listen in the classroom as well. OK, thank you very much. OK, thank you.
Watch Nuria talking to Anthony and Gad about the types of things that you will need to listen to in the IELTS Listening test.
It’s a good idea to practise listening to all these different sorts of things – go to the discussion in the next step to share ideas about how to practice.
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