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General application of AI

Here we explore how AI has found its application in almost every business sector.
Hello, everyone, in this video, I will talk about the general application of AI
There are so many application for artificial intelligence, from self-driving car, speech recognition, translation, handwriting recognition, photo and video manipulation and facial recognition. But here in this video, I will only talk about robotics and automation, recommender systems and object detection. In robotics, AI technology really help us to improve our ability to perceive the environment around the robot and to make plans in unpredictable environments as they are changing. Robotics now from working on an assembly line to home cleaning robots to navigation drones. All these are examples of AI in the field of robotics and there are so many other examples.
Chatbots can use the combination of pattern recognition, natural language processing and deep neural network to interpret input text and provide suitable response. Now we can see the chatbots in many websites and also in many applications.
The recommender systems now It’s also everywhere. Deep learning models drive what people like and just for you, recommendations offered by Amazon, Netflix and other retail, entertainments, travels, jobs search and new services. For example, if you watch an AI Artificial Intelligence Movie, then this system also will search for similar movie, then it will recommend that movie for you. Now, in object detection and object recognition can be used for detecting objects of a specific class. The output of an object detection process is an image with bounding boxes around the object of interest and indication as to the class instance of single object, one of the most appearing use case of object detection is within self-driving car.
With self-driving cars, we have an embedded system that can perform multiclass object detection in real time, and then perform an action based on the detection result. For example, the car can detect a human shaped body crossing the road and proceed to engage a program that causes the car to stop several feet before coming in contact with the detected body. Also, there are other AI applications you can try it by yourself, for example, here we have the Quick Draw application from Google. You can just go to that web site, I put the link here in this slide and try it by yourself. This application will use the deep learning to find out and figure out what you are drawing.
It’s really a fun , nice. I want you to try it by yourself. You can try their Quickdraw or also you can try image generation machine and also you can try AI experiment with piano and music when you play music, The AI model will try to continue playing the same music you already played. Now I want you to try and go to these links an try these by yourself.

In this video on the general application of AI, we discuss how AI has impacted various fields and focus on the AI role in :

  • Robotics and automation
  • Chatbots
  • Recommender systems
  • Object detection

Discussion or reflection

  • Can you give more examples regarding recommender systems? Think about examples that you see in everyday life.
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