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How to be resilient in the face of rejection
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How to be resilient in the face of rejection

In this article, we discuss the ways to be resilient in the face of rejection in the context of the wellness industry.

Things don’t and won’t always go your way. That’s sadly the hard truth.

But, it’s totally normal. We all fail along the way, and guess what? Failure is a sure path to success.

Maybe you haven’t received a reply to the email you sent a potential new mentor, or perhaps you haven’t progressed to the second interview stage of a job you really wanted. This can, and may, happen multiple times before you land on your dream job in wellness.

What is resilience?

Resilient people are known for being strong, for getting back up when they fall, and for learning from their experiences. Whilst rejection can be really hard, it can also provide you with a great opportunity to develop, move forward, and ultimately take you to something better!

Ways to become more resilient

The scenario: You’ve applied to your ‘dream’ job in wellness and feel you totally nailed the interview. You followed up with the interviewer to confirm your commitment to the role. One week passes and you finally hear that they have hired someone else.

1. Ask yourself this question: Is there anything I can do to change the outcome?

Whilst it’s likely that they’ve made their mind up, there is every chance that you were second in the running.

Respond positively to the communication, explaining that you are disappointed in their decision but wish them the best with their new hire. Follow on by asking for feedback on the interview and what you would like to be kept in mind for future opportunities.

2. Recognise your feelings

Ignoring that you are disappointed or upset by the rejection is not an option. Face your feelings head-on and dig into why you really want this job. Is it that the role is perfect?

Or that you love the brand? Perhaps it was because it was the change that got you excited (often the case for many people frustrated in corporate jobs). Answering this ‘why’ will help you come to terms with this rejection but also help you get clearer on what you really want from your next job.

3. Showcase compassion and your newfound confidence 

Firstly, be accepting of yourself and the situation you’ve found yourself in. Getting to the interview stage of any job is incredible. Recognise this and allow yourself space to celebrate that feat.

Secondly, experiencing rejection can bring about a newfound sense of confidence. If you’ve received feedback from rejection, then start working on those areas now and let this fuel your confidence going into the next interview.

Interview mantras

Don’t forget to keep repeating your interview mantras.

I am capable — I am confident — I have got this! I deserve this — I am knowledgeable — they want me on their team! I am awesome — deserving — focused – positive!

Finally, rejection and the art of resilience has the power to change the course of your future. The next best thing could be sitting around the corner waiting for you.

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