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Building a fulfilling career for the long term

In this video, we discuss how to have a fulfilling career for the long term.
Now that you have secured your dream job in the wellness industry or within touching distance of it, the real work begins, and you need to constantly apply your attention to it. With every accomplishment comes new challenges, and you need to keep applying your passion and determination to succeed. Before going into detail, you need to constantly remember that nothing happens overnight. Building a career takes perseverance and the knowledge that where you are now is merely a stepping stone to long term fulfilment. You will still need to focus on some key areas. Firstly, networking. All the relationships you establish during your job search need to be nurtured.
Remain active on all the blogs and posts you are following, continuing to like and contribute where possible. Keep up to date with wellness brands and events. Speak to industry colleagues and adapt your contacts to suit your new role. Could your product or role suit their needs too? A new symbiosis between you and a contact may surprise you with previously unknown possibilities. Your personal development is crucial. Your current strengths and skills need to be regularly integrated, but you also need to continually develop new skills. Wellness is constantly evolving at an exponential rate, so be sure to keep up with change and find courses and training that will ensure you remain current and relevant to future trends.
Have regular contact and communication with your line manager. Inform them of your progress, any areas you may need support in, and potential areas where you may excel. Be honest about your aspirations. This will create a forum for them to facilitate your growth and allow for the determination of an appropriate action plan. Remember, strategy and hard work lead to promotions. Opportunities surround you, so be sure to look out for events that you can attend, join as a guest, or speak at workshops, conferences, or even social events. Add responsibilities. If you’re successfully managing your responsibilities and you have capacity, then find new responsibilities that will contribute to your growth. Participate in all meetings and voice your thoughts.
And outside of work, attend events to increase your knowledge and network. Your first wellness position may feel like your dream job, but over time and self development, you may have grown to desire new challenges. To remain connected to your needs, set yourself six-monthly personal reviews. Be honest about your current values and thoughts and if you’re presently still aligned with them. Update your CV with your recent responsibilities and achievements and take note of any gaps that you could ask your line manager to assist with. Be sure to ask yourself if you’ve outgrown your current position and make sure you have a mentor, someone you can speak to. This needs to be someone that can give you unbiased support and guidance.
There’s a linked article in the notes to help you find someone appropriate. Finally, your career is your responsibility, and it is up to you to make things happen. So go and take charge of your life.

In this video we’re sharing tips on how to stay fulfilled in your career. We’ll talk about top tips for staying connected to your values, why networking is still as critical as it was during your job search, and why finding a mentor can help provide unbiased guidance.

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