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Reflecting on your professional development

It's now time to review your professional development through this course. How has your practice and understanding of careers learning developed?
GEMMA: As well increasing your knowledge of the wider careers agenda in education, and gaining ideas for how to introduce careers linked content into your curriculum, we hope that you now have the knowledge and confidence take forward your lesson planning and STEM Careers Learning Journey, creating a careers linked curriculum in your subject. Embedding this approach will take time, and involve collaboration with colleagues and your Careers Leaders. Try to encourage others to enter onto this journey with you. For careers learning to work, it needs staff to commit to making these changes in lessons and in pastoral time. If done right, the impact it will have on students will be life changing.
So, remember to start with small tweaks and build up your STEM Careers Learning Journey as you go. Reflect on what works, ask students for feedback and celebrate your successes! For the final part of this course, complete the self-audit task and record your action plan in the discussion below. This will provide you with a record of your CPD. However, the best way to evidence your professional development is through the changes you make in your classroom. We hope you found this course valuable and look forward to hearing from you about your progress.

During this course you have undertaken a number of tasks, contributed to discussions and reflected each week on your learning. It’s now time to pull this together to review your professional development and set yourself an action plan for sustaining the changes you’ve made.

Take a look back now at:

  • Your self-audit and development goal from the start of the course.
  • Your weekly reflection grids.
  • The course discussions and classroom tasks, including your tweaked lesson plan, identification of local employers and Careers Learning Journey ideas.

Self-audit task revisited

This self-audit task is for teachers and educators, to help you review your practice and thinking on careers learning. At the start of the course you set a development goal in step 1.2, and this self-audit will help you consider the progress you’ve made towards that goal.

When completing the self-audit, there are no right or wrong answers. Answer honestly about where you are now, not where you want to be. Your answers will help you to identify your next steps.


  1. Access the self-audit task and complete it.
  2. At the end of the survey, click My responses.
  3. Click Download as PDF.
  4. Save the PDF where you will be able to retrieve it as part of your professional development log or performance review.
After completing your self-audit you’ll have identified where to go next in your professional development.

Short action plan

In the comments below, share what you will do differently:
  1. Over the next few weeks.
  2. Over the next term.
  3. Over the course of the academic year.
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