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Little Red Riding Hood

Delfina tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Little Red Riding Hood One day while Little Red Riding Hood’s mother was cooking, she had an idea. She asked Little Red Riding Hood to take a basket full of food to her grandmother, who was unwell. She filled the basket with a jar of honey, apples and a chocolate cake, gave it to Little Red Riding Hood and told her to be very careful and not to stray from the path under any circumstance. Little Red Riding Hood put up her hood, took the basket and headed for her grandmother’s house feeling very happy. While she was walking through the forest, surrounded by trees, she saw some flowers, pulled a few out and put them into the basket.
She continued on her way stopping to watch some birds sing. Just then, there was a wolf hiding behind one of the trees. The wolf was very hungry and when he saw Little Red Riding Hood, thought she was a very pretty girl. Little Red Riding Hood suddenly heard something. She saw the wolf and got a fright. The two began to talk and Little Red Riding Hood asked him who he was, and he replied that he was the wolf and that the two of them were friends. The two began to talk and Little Red Riding Hood asked him who he was, and he replied that he was the wolf and that the two of them were friends.
She was quite surprised and told him that wasn’t possible as she didn’t know him. The wolf asked her where she was going, and Little Red Riding Hood showed him the basket and told him that she was going to take it to her grandmother because she was feeling unwell. The wolf then told her that she shouldn’t take the right-hand path and that the left-hand path was shorter. Little Red Riding Hood remembered what her mother had told her, but nonetheless took the wolf’s advice, thanked him and took the path that the wolf had shown her. the wolf quickly ran towards the grandmother’s house along the other path. The grandmother was there in bed and very unwell.
The wolf knocked on the door and the grandmother thought that it was her granddaughter and told him to come in. The grandmother was very frightened. The wolf grabbed her and shut her in the wardrobe. Then he put on her clothes to look like her and quietly got into her bed. Little Red Riding Hood thought it was strange that her grandmother’s house was so far, but eventually she arrived. She knocked on the door and, as no one answered, went in. She saw her grandmother in bed with the covers pulled right up to her eyes, said hello,
and then showed her everything she had brought: apples, honey and a delicious chocolate cake. Little Red Riding Hood saw that her grandmother’s ears were very big and asked her why they were like that. The wolf replied that it was to hear her better. Then, she asked him why he had such a large nose, and the wolf said to smell her better. Then she asked the same about his eyes, and the wolf answered that it was so he could see her better. And lastly, Little Red Riding Hood saw that he had really big teeth and was surprised because her grandmother didn’t have any teeth; so she asked why; and the wolf told her they were to eat her better.
Little Red Riding Hood got scared and started to run round a table while the wolf chased her until he got tired and collapsed on the floor. Then Little Red Riding Hood took her chance and tied the wolf’s hands and feet together. She wondered where her grandmother could be and it occurred to her that the wardrobe would be a good place, so she walked over to it, opened it and there she was. They were both very happy and hugged each other tightly. The grandmother saw the wolf and told Little Red Riding Hood to be careful with him, but Little Red Riding Hood told her not to worry, that the wolf was tired and couldn’t move.
The grandmother was surprised and told Little Red Riding Hood she was very strong and hugged her again.
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