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01.04 – Recruiting Methods

01.04 - Recruiting Methods
Everyone is a leader. I love when Quicken Loans CEO Dan Gilbert says that in that video. Psychological Academic Research tells us that first impressions matter. Judgments happen between 8 and 17 seconds of seeing me.
What have you discovered?
Others, like the popular author Malcolm Gladwell, wrote a whole book about it. Of course, we can change those first impressions, but those first impressions really matter. Great recruiting plans require us to articulate what the position will be? What it will need to create? What will the person actually do in the job? Who would be best suited for it? What skills and abilities are are needed in that person who will fill the position, or positions? What else is needed? Remember, there may be special criteria.
Are you, or the recruiters able to first make a great first impression. Draw the people into you. And then, are you and recruiters able to detail the position clearly enough to describe what a day in the life of this person would be if they came with you? Do the recruiters fit the culture of your team or your company? Are they passionate and able to attract the right person to the opening.
Where are you looking? Can you be fast enough? The world is changing so fast now that great talent in the job you have may be in short supply. It may be picked off very quickly in certain jobs, in certain industries. Some skill levels are in short supply, depending where you are in the world.
And do you know who who’s gonna make the decision? Is it you that’s gonna be the ultimate decision-maker in whether or not the candidate is going to get the job? You have to be very, very clear about who that decision maker is.
A recent article that I read really caught my attention. Uber recently released its UberDRIVE. Now the company released a game in which players get to experience a day in the life of an Uber driver. What they do? Picking up, dropping of these virtual customers on the road of a faithfully recreated digital version of San Francisco. Originally, they conceived this as a means of helping drivers become better aquainted with the cities that they were operating in. Now, that’s a worthy example of using HR gamification. But the company can also use the game now to recruit new employees. In fact it plans to send a message to the highest scoring players of their game.
Asking them if they would like to join the ranks of its drivers.
Having more candidates is always better than less. Insiders and outsiders may be needed for the positions that are open. But you need a diverse source of candidates. And I recommend only put people who appear to meet the criteria for the job in that first talent pool. Now, unfortunately we are predisposed to pick people who are most like us. But that’s poor strategy. The large pool of fish that are seemingly the same are apt to think the same, to act the same, and only to react and work in what we call Groupthink. They may all swim in the same direction.
It maybe the wrong direction, and you know what can happen if they swim right into the mouth of a waiting predator.
We live in a diverse and changing world. We need to have robust pools of diverse candidates. Those that can create a new and different future space, something wonderful that we can create in our company and in our world. Internal company teams, departments, or people, or external. How do you recruit? There are many ways. Some people use Recruiting Firms, Recruiting Agencies, Headhunters or as we just learned Gamifications in websites. Where do you want to recruit? There are many, many sources of candidates. You have to decide where to look. Do you want to attract people to your website? Or do you want to use external job sites, University and Colleges?
Are they educating for the quality skills and abilities that you’re looking for? Are they your source? What about friends of the employees that you already have? What about your suppliers? They may have people who are already familiar with your company. And its work. Perhaps a supplier to you is taking down some of the numbers of people in their company. They could be a really good source of people to bring to your company. Do you need to bring somebody back who retired from the company? Or somebody maybe that used to be on your team that you need back for a short period to train somebody else? There are many, many place to look.
But you need to determine which will yield the best for you and the best for your team.
Having data, data analysis on were you use to recruit, or were you recruited in the past? What it yielded could be very helpful. Very helpful to help you pick out where to go again, or where not to go. And remember what we said about first impressions? And many of you have written about the qualities of great recruiters. They’re definitely committed to the company. They’re engaged with the company, and engagement means they really live the brand and are extra-productive because they’re committed. They know the company. They know the company well, and they’re able to sell the company. They’re able to use storytelling skills, what I call passion with a purpose.
They’re able to know the history of the company, and they fit the company. The candidate has an affinity with them, as they begin to passionately talk about the brand that they’re recruiting for.
What I’d like you to do is create a two minute video. Utilizing the brand of your team, or your department or your company. Create a two minute video, and upload it. Now refer to the instruction page that is provided to you regarding uploading videos.
Think of yourself. You are the recruiter for this person into your team or your company. Using what you know about great recruiting processes and great recruiter qualities.
And what you have articulated about your brand. Convince us. Why should we join you?
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