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Hydropower: Introduction by Olivier CATEURA

Olivier CATEURA presents the Topic of this week: Hydropower.
Hello, happy to see you again. Let’s start now the third topic of our MOOC “New Energy Technologies”. This week, we will focus on Hydropower. On this new topic you will meet six experts and learn about this technology and the market issues. I’m happy to introduce this topic that I love! Indeed I’m in charge of this field within Tenerrdis, and Grenoble is well known as the cradle of hydropower
thanks to Aristide Bergès and “La houille blanche”: the white coal.
This week, together we will: 1. Understand what is hydropower, and what are the different kinds of hydropower turbine and dam; 2. Identify the challenges of hydropower development; 3. Then, see why hydropower is a key asset in new energy markets, storage & flexibility; 4. We will also discover facts and figures, and see who are the main actors on this market; 5. Then, evaluate the impact and development of ocean and tidal energy; 6. Finally, you will learn about the innovations in hydropower.
To do so, you will have the opportunity to listen to: - Bernard BRUSA PASQUE, Program Director at CNR; - Farid MAZZOUJI, R&D Director at GE; - Olivier TELLER, Product Director at GE; - Aziz OUAABI, Business Developer at CNR; - Fabrice ARROYO, Energy Program Director at GEM; - Claude REBATTET, Lab Director at Grenoble INP. Ready, steady, go!
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New Energy Technologies: Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

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