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Academic journals in tourism research

Academic journals in tourism research
After we know the different databases we use when retrieve the relevant literature, now some students may ask questions that how to conduct advanced search in particular journal and what are the most popular journals in tourism field? In part three, we will introduce the academic journals in tourism research. Again, in tourism field, we have both Chinese journals and English journals. The first part I will show you the most popular Chinese journals we used in our field. In our field of Chinese academic journals, we mainly have two areas. The first area is the journals within tourism field. As you can see the professional journals in tourism field includes Tourism Tribune, Tourism Forum, Tourism Science, Tourism and Hospitality Prospects.
These are four most popular journals or top tourism journals in Chinese language. But in Chinese top journals for tourism scholars, we also refer to the journals in other fields, especially Economic and Management Journals. If you want to search tourism related topics, you can also search these journals, for example, Management World, Management Review, Chinese Journal of Management, Journal of Marketing Science, Foreign Economics and Management, Nankai Business Review, Journal of Management Sciences in China. To summarize, in Chinese academic journal field, we may try to search the two areas. The first area is professional journals in the field of the tourism. The second area is searching the economic or management journals to find relevant literature in tourism field.
Now let’s see some of the international journals in tourism field. For the international top journals in tourism field, majority journals are indeed the English journals. I will show you only several examples. Top journals in our field may include Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Tourism Research (JTR), International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM), International Journal of Hospitality Management (IJHM), and lastly, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly. This is only part of the international journals in our field. In tourism field, we have more than two hundred English journals. One tip for you is that try to search SSCI English journals. You may also check impact factor of each journal for your reference. Different journals in tourism fields may have different focuses.
For example, Tourism Management mainly focuses on management-driven tourism practice. For Annals of Tourism Research, it stresses more on the theoretical contribution. For International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, or International Journal of Hospitality Management, they mainly focus on the hospitality topics. If you want to read certain articles in different journals, you need to understand the different scopes and audiences of the journals.

After we know the different databases we use when retrieving the relevant literature, we will introduce you some academic journals in tourism research in this video.

By the end of this video, you will know different kinds of academic journals and their features.

While watching, you may take some notes on what you find interesting.

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