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Explaining The Final Assessment

AllBright, Believe, Build, Become. Final Assessment. The Career Business Plan.
AllBright, Believe, Build, Become: How To Supercharge Your Career
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It’s time to put your Expert Track learnings into action. This task is a big one, so we suggest taking some time to consider your answer carefully and reviewing it before progressing to the next step.

Throughout this course you have been invited to explore some big questions: What do you value in life? Is your career serving you? Are you thinking and working to the best of your ability? Do you feel challenged and stretched? Who are you surrounding yourself with and how are they supporting you? Who is missing from your circle of trust?

We hope this reflection has both challenged you and invigorated you. It takes effort to make a change but the results make it so worthwhile.

This is why we’re offering you the chance to put all of this learning into practice in a way that we hope will combine your entire journey into a valuable asset that you can take away and use as your own ‘Personal career business plan’. We hope this will support you beyond this course to supercharge your career.

To help you make your plan, we have created an interactive worksheet that you can download and fill in with your final assessment answers. This is something you can save to your desktop or print out, and use as a blueprint to guide you over the coming months.

Getting here has been an incredible journey, and one that we hope will bring you unbelievable results in your career.

So give this your all and good luck!

You’ve got this.

AllBright Co-Founders, Anna Jones & Debbie Wosskow OBE

© AllBright 2020
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