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How has the climate affected the snow?

Reflection over how the climate have impacted snow!
When you think about snow, the climate, of course, comes into mind. I am not the climate researcher, so this is only a reflection of both snow and the climate. But as I’m born and lived the largest part of my life in Luleå, I have. practical experience of seasonal snow, but also my father was a meteorologist who have given me an interest in weather and in the longer run, the climate and what I have experience is that during my lifetime that is over thirty five years. The first snow comes later in the year. One reason why I argue this is when I was a kid, I always asked my father what date the first snow would appear.
And as he was a meteorologist, he had pretty good knowledge and always said around the 10th of October. Which is also my mother’s birthday, so it was quite easy to remember. And he was almost right every year, it differed just a couple of days. But during the last 10 years, when my own kids asked me the same question, I realized that the date has moved almost into November here in Luleå. So something has to change in the climate, which makes the first no come later.
But with that reflection, it does not mean that there is less, more the opposite because another reflection is that when the snow comes, it comes more at the same time, creating difficulties. This is just a picture from Luleå where there has come around 30 centimeters in just a couple of hours. And in 2015, Luleå had an old record from nineteen sixty six on one hundred and eleven centimeters beat with one hundred and thirty centimeters of snow. So my view is that the cold period with snow is getting shorter. But when the snow comes, it almost is the same amount, but it comes in shorter time, which makes it problematic when it’s snowing.
What are your reflections about the climate and especially connected to snow because it’s working with the material snow? This is an important question.

In this video, the lead educator Johan Casselgren will give his reflection on how the climate has changed and how this has affected the snow in the northern Sweden.

For example:

  • The snow comes later
  • More snow during shorter time period
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Snow: What It Is and Why It Matters

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