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How to use the FeverPAIN score chart

In this video Michael takes us through using the FeverPAIN Score
I’m just going to talk you through using the online FeverPAIN score. First thing to notice is that this has been used over 48,000 times. So it certainly seems to be in current use. There are some links at the top there to additional information. And then on the screen, you’ve got a series of symptoms which you can rate none, mild, moderate, or severe. The starred items are the elements which are in the FeverPAIN score. And the reason for including the others is that it provides a quick summary of the consultation.
So if we rate the patient who’s in front of us now and say that they have a moderately bad sore throat, they have a moderately bad cough, mild muscle aches, no history of fever, onset of their illness was four days ago, they have a small cervical glands, moderately inflamed tonsils, and no pus on their tonsils. You can also type in this screen any other information. For instance, you might say they were apyrexial.
And then you can click the display score.
And you can then see now this is giving them a fever pain score of 0. And that is associated with a low risk of streptococcal carriage. And it’s recommending a no prescription strategy. You can display the summary by clicking on this button here. And then you can cut and paste that into your records by highlighting it, pressing Control-C, and then hover over your clinical box and Control-V to paste that in. And you can see that summarises the symptoms and also the prescribing strategy which was recommended.

In this video Michael takes us through using the FeverPAIN Score. Which shows a series of symptoms which you can rate none, mild, moderate, or severe.

The point of this exercise is to get clinicians looking at prescribing to patients in a different, more effective way.

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