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An introduction to the Crumble software

Learn how to install the Crumble software, and check that you have connected your Crumble microcontroller to your computer correctly.

The Crumble microcontroller board uses a custom-made block-based programming language that you need to install on your computer.

How to install Crumble software

The Crumble software is available for several different operating systems. Follow the appropriate link below to find instructions to help you install it:

Connect the Crumble microcontroller

After the Crumble software is installed, connect your Crumble microcontroller board (the white circuit board with 12 gold terminal holes) to your computer.

Plug the smaller end of your connecting cable into the micro USB socket that’s at one end of your Crumble.

Make sure the connector is the right way round. The slightly flatter side should be facing up.

A photograph showing the a micro-USB cable connected to a Crumble controller

Plug the larger end of the cable into a spare USB port on your computer.

A photograph showing a USB cable plugged in to the port on a computer

NOTE: If this is the first time a Crumble is plugged into your computer, it may take a minute for the computer to connect with it properly.

Next, connect a power source to the Crumble. This will provide power to the Crumble while the Crumble isn’t plugged into your computer.

The Crumble starter kit includes a 3×AA battery box with an on/off switch and crocodile clip-friendly output connections.

  • Take a cable with crocodile clips. Connect one crocodile clip to a positive output (labelled with a + symbol) of the battery box, and connect the crocodile clip at the other end of the cable to the positive terminal of the Crumble (the gold-coloured hole labelled with a + symbol).
  • Take a second cable with crocodile clips. Connect one of its clips to a negative output (labelled with a symbol) of the battery box, and connect the crocodile clip at the other end of the cable to the negative terminal of the Crumble (the gold-coloured hole labelled with a symbol).

A photograph showing a battery pack connected to a Crumble controller. A black wire connects the negative terminals. A redwire connects the positive terminals.

In the images here, there is a red cable for the positive connection and a black cable for the negative connection. This makes it very easy to see what each wire is doing, but you can use any colour of cable you like.

Finally, check that your computer can talk to the Crumble controller.

Open the Crumble software, and click on the green triangle, which is the play button. Normally clicking this button runs any code you add. Because you don’t have any code yet, clicking on the button checks that your computer can talk to the Crumble.

If everything is working, the message ‘Programming successful’ will appear.

Crumble successfully connected message at the top of the Crumble software

If you see an error message reporting your Crumble hasn’t been detected, try plugging it into a different USB port.

Connection error message at the top of the Crumble software

Once your Crumble software reports that programming was successful, your Crumble is set up and ready to use!

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